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Advanced Opthalmology


Advanced Opthalmology

Advanced ophthalmology service at your doorstep.


Our advanced ophthalmology consultations are provided by an experienced veterinary surgeon who has keen interest in treating eye conditions.


All consultations will be performed in your home; you will need to ensure you are able to hold your pet’s head still to make sure a detailed examination can be performed. In case this might be an issue please consider asking other family members to attend the examination to make sure we could complete the whole examination.


Examination is performed using the best available equipment on the market. We can provide precise intraocular pressure readings, stunning magnification and other features that you would usually see only at referral centres.


Our veterinary surgeon carries all necessary drugs and dyes required for the examination.


This service is a perfect pre-referral arrangement if distance, funds or offered appointment dates are just not the right fit for you.


In case your pet requires a referral to complete further testing (such as ERG, CT) or a procedure we will help you with arranging this free of charge.

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