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Dog in the Park




All of our consultations include mileage and VAT.


Please note that all of our appointments are prepaid to allow for the calculation of our commuting costs.


Any additional services or medications provided during the visit are subject to additional charges (all additional charges will be discussed and agreed upon).

We offer a 20% discount to any additional pet added to a visit.

We are open to negotiating litter vaccination and checkup packages on an individual basis.


  • Consultation / Medication Checkup £75

  • Puppy Vaccination Package £125

  • Kitten Vaccination Package £130

  • Booster Vaccinations - Dog £85 

  • Kennel Cough Vaccination during booster appointment £30

  • Kennel Cough Vaccination £75

  • Booster Vaccination - Cat £90

  • Rabies Vaccination Cat / Dog £100 (Copy of the vaccination certificate included in price) 

  • Rabbit Yearly Vaccination £90 (Myxomatosis, RHD-1, RHD-2 vaccine)


  1. Anal glands expressed at the time of the consultation £15

  2. Claws clipped at the time of the consultation £15


Monthly pain relief and allergy injections:

  1. Librela – Please enquire

  2. Cytopoint – Please enquire

  3. Solensia – Please enquire


Home Visit and Euthanasia £280


Cremation packages are individually created based on options chosen, please enquire.


Any other special situations or requirements unique to your pet, please enquire.


Catchment areas:

  1. Zone 1 – Base price list

  2. Zone 2 - £20 surcharge

  3. Zone 3 – Prices available on request.


Please provide postcode Saturday and Sunday visits: while we usually do not provide service during the weekend, we always try to help in exceptional circumstances. Please contact us through our whatsapp/facebook page to discuss your individual needs.

Image by Krista Mangulsone
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