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Pets at Home


Expert Home Vet Services for Cats and Dogs | Pets at Home Eastleigh

Say Goodbye to Rushed Consultations!

Ever felt like your concerns were brushed aside in a rushed vet appointment? Our home vet services ensure your pet gets the attention it deserves. No more time constraints – just personalised care. Picture this: a pet doctor who spends enough time to really see your pet's needs, no hurrying during visits. At WW Mobile Veterinary Service, you will be listened to and you won’t be rushed.

Your Pet Deserves an Independent Veterinary Surgeon

Are you tired of corporate clinics? Choose our independent veterinary service. Your pet gets all your focus, and you get a vet who is always there for your pet. We will make sure that all the Pets at home in Eastleigh is properly looked after.. Corporate protocols do not bind our independent veterinary surgeons; they are free to provide the individualised care your pet deserves. No more being just another file in a massive clinic – your pet becomes our priority.


Stress-Free Vet Visits  - Right in Your Home!

Why worry about going to the vet when you can have them come to you instead? Our home vet services remove the stress with journey, giving comfort to you and your best friend. We understand how stressful vet visits can be. So why not get rid of that stress completely? Our home vet services mean that your pet gets excellent treatment in its own living room.

Consistency Matters – Your Vet, Your Environment

Consistency builds trust and understanding, which fosters a healthier and happier pet. At WW Mobile Veterinary Service, we recognize the significance of continuity of your pet's healthcare. By having one vet familiar with your animal's history, quirks, and environment, we create a trusting relationship, and provide optimal care as we get to know them - this continuity ensures the highest possible standard for our furry patients!

Be a Part of Your Pet's Journey

At WW Mobile Veterinary Service, we aim to make you part of the process when making treatment decisions for all your Pets at Home Eastleigh. All of your pet needs will be discussed in detail and we will listen to you to deliver optimal care for your pet. We believe that nobody knows your pet better than you.


Canine and Feline Consultations:

Personalised care for your four-legged family members.


Repeat Prescription Services:

Easy prescription renewals for your pet's constant requirements.


Vaccinations for Multiple Pets:

Get cheaper prices on yearly boostes for your pets.


Medication Check-Ups:

Regular health checks for pets with long-term conditions.


Flea And Wormer Check Ups:

Yearly checks to keep your pets free from parasites.


Geriatric Clinics:

Expert care for your ageing pets.


Advanced Ophthalmology:

Pre-referral service at your doorstep

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